Acquisition and License Management

Our Company acquires and operates licenses with an international dimension in the Game of Society universe.


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SANS-DETOUR Publishing is a partner of STELLAR LICENCING & CONSULTING Limited.

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You're in love with rare works, unique collector's items, go on the RACKHAM treasure hunt. In our coffers, only the only, that's true. Treasures of French crafts, handmade in carving paste.

We decided, in the perspective of "CONFRONTATION RESURRECTION" to open RACKHAM's treasure chests for collectors.

STELLAR LICENCING & CONSULTING Limited has acquired from CYANIDE the Trademarks and related properties of "CONFRONTATION", "AARKLASH", "CADWALLON", previously owned by RACKHAM. STELLAR entrusted the company SANS-DETOUR, in particular, the exploitation of the brand to pay tribute to the entire work: CONFRONTATION CLASSIC, as well as the exploitation of a new generation of games "CONFRONTATION RESURRECTION"Treasure Chest

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